Rep. Jesse Young – Women and Children Last

Jesse Young has a grim track record when it comes to protecting women and children’s health. He is intractably against women’s reproductive rights but doesn’t seem to worry much about children beyond that. He self-righteously opposes abortion (including in cases of rape and incest), yet he votes against reducing prenatal exposure to pesticides.

Here are just a few examples of his hypocrisy:

He has voted to prevent health plans from covering not only abortion, but from covering all contraceptive devices.
His NARAL grade is a D.
(HB6219, HB2148)

Last year he supported legislation to ban all abortion, regardless of circumstances. This was a “hero bill” – an empty gesture piece of legislation that intentionally has zero chance of passing or even coming to the floor due to technicalities. (HB2154)

If he is so concerned with the unborn, then why vote against protections from pre-natal exposure to pesticides? (SB6518 – he was one of only 9 votes against this bill.)

Or against strengthening laws regarding child seat restraints? (HB1188)

Or against schools carrying antidotes for Opioid overdoses? (HB1039)

Or against funding for children’s mental health services and Tele-med solutions? (SB5903, HB2439)

Or against early intervention services for infants and toddlers with disabilities? (SB5879 – one of 5 against)

 Or against revised oversight of Foster Care? (HB2008, SB6222)

Or against stopping classroom discrimination on the basis of immigration status or religion? (HB2816 – one of 2 against.)

Why skip a vote enhancing protections for victims of child trafficking? (SB5885)

Lastly – Jesse has been loudly and proudly against the Sex Education Bill, disingenuously mis-characterizing the bill with incendiary language. This seems to be his prime issue. (SB5395)

So, it seems nothing less than cruel that he voted against a bill providing childcare for teen parents still in school or working towards their GED. (HB2455)

The vast majority of Americans agree with the Constitution, that a woman has the right to choose. The vast majority of Americans also agree that we should take care of children – both before and after they are born.

Jesse Young is on the wrong side of both women and children.

Jesse Young's Record:

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