Only Liars Tell Lies – JESSE YOUNG IS A LIAR

Last Thursday at the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum, Representative Jesse Young was asked why his social media is dominated by posts about antifa and none about white supremacy organizations. He then launched into a ridiculous and wholly dishonest story.

FACT: Last June there was a vigil for George Floyd and Breanna Taylor that was held in Gig Harbor. The vigil was attended by a couple hundred mostly young locals.

FICTION: Jesse falsely claimed that he confirmed with Chief Busey and Mayor Kuhn, in advance of the vigil, that antifa was expected at the vigil. 

FACTBoth Mayor Kuhn and Police Chief Busey have emphatically denied there was any such threat and have called out Young on his lies. Mayor Kuhn stated on his FB Live that these lies undermines trust the public have in government officials by implying that they somehow failed to protect us from a non-existent threat.

FICTION: Jesse falsely claimed that Gasoline cannisters were found hidden in bushes.

FACT: During the vigil an empty gasoline cannister fell off of a landscape truck.

Chief Busey, who was at the vigil, passing out water to the kids, saw the cannister, and removed it. Chief Busey has said he would have turned the canister over to the FBI if it was connected to a threat.

FICTION: Jesse falsely claimed that this “threat” is why he showed up at the vigil with heavily armed men.

FACT: Jesse has been widley lambasted for his intimidating behavior at the vigil last June, and now, four months later, he has finally come up with a dangerous lie to justify his bullying of idealistic teens.

FACT: Jesse has jumped on the Trump ploy of using sensationalist scare tactics and hopes people will somehow believe that antifa will soon burn down Gig Harbor.  

The 26th LD should reject a Representative who is a lying, hot headed, armed bully deceptively stirring up fear. This is far more dangerous than an imaginary antifa.


Jesse Young's Record:

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