Rep. Jesse Young – The Unhealthy Choice

With COVID 19 raging without an end in sight, and the Supreme Court poised to overturn the ACA, citizens are rightfully alarmed about the future of healthcare.

Our current representative, Jesse Young has voted repeatedly against guarding our health. From his perilous attacks on wearing masks, to his vote against Paid Family Leave, he literally puts our families in danger.

He has posted specific instructions on his FB page on how to skirt rules regarding wearing masks in stores and businesses. He advises his constituents on their rights NOT to wear masks. He often shows up in public without a facemask.

Here is a small sampling of his other strikes against healthcare:

He voted against Paid Family Leave, a critical support for thousands of families, particularly during a Global Pandemic. Workers deserve to have time off to care for loved ones without the added burden and stress of financial insecurity. This type of stress can lead to its own set of healthcare consequences. HB2614

Against limiting out-of-pocket costs for insulin. This bill would limit out of pocket expenses to $100/month. A life-saving bill that will prevent countless unnecessary deaths from patients forced to ration their insulin due to financial hardship. SB6087

Against Telemedicine Payment Parity. In our current crisis, Telemedicine has become an indispensable piece of our healthcare structure and will only become more so. Making it more difficult for providers to participate in telemedicine makes no sense, which explains why only 2 others voted against this bill. HB5385

Against forming an Opioid advisory Council that would supervise funding and distribution of services helping to curb this tragic epidemic. HB 2786

Against updating of HIV testing. SB6580

Against reforms to student health plans and other bills regarding easing access to reproductive healthcare. Another strike against women’s health issues. HB2522 and SB5602

Against Health System and Drug transparency reforms. HB2710 HB2036

Against Ambulance transport quality assurance. HB6534

Against multiple bills supporting Washington State compliance and supporting infrastructure for the ACA.


The 26th LD needs leadership that will help us create a thriving healthy community that cares for all of our citizens.

Jesse Young's Record:

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