Rep. Jesse Young, Armed Men, Show Up at Peaceful BLM Protest.

“Rep. Jesse Young, armed men, show up at peaceful BLM protest in Gig Harbor. (They weren’t with me, he says.)”
This is the headline from The News Tribune, June 5, 2020

Tacoma News Tribune Article June 17, 2020

On June 3rd, a peaceful vigil of 300-400 predominantly young people was held in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Our State Representative Jesse Young intruded on the peaceful vigil with heavily armed men, Trump signs, and flags. (None of the other attendees carried political signs.) Jesse brandished a large poster warning that any property damage “would not be tolerated”. 

What “should not be tolerated” – is another term for Jesse Young. Jesse has a habit of clamoring for attention, but menacingly trying to make a Black Lives Matter vigil about himself is a new low.

Intimidation, Disrespect and Implied Accusations

The intimidation, disrespect, and implied accusations aimed at the gathering of local high school and college students were intensely disturbing, which was obviously the purpose. What these armed men intended to do if there actually had been any mischief is a deeply ominous question.

“There were a lot of guns. There was one guy with a shotgun and a bandolier full of rounds across his chest,” reported one of the young protesters standing near Jesse.

Jesse claims the vigilantes weren’t with him, yet he stood with them the entire time he was at the rally – all night long. Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that they were not with him (they were – see photos).

Why would a State Representative condone heavily armed men threatening an earnest group of young people expressing their constitutional right to protest?! 

Is this truly “representative” of Gig Harbor and our community and district?

One freshly minted young voter later remarked:

“A lot of kids don’t know who their State Rep is or why they would even vote for State Rep. Well I know who my Rep is now, and I know I won’t be voting for Jesse Young!”

Jesse Young's Record:

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