Rep. Jesse Young – A Loose Cannon

Jesse Young has a troubling past with anger management issues.
Allegations that Jesse Young is consistently verbally abusive to his staff are “credible and serious” according to a State House investigation into complaints about him. The House Administration concluded that he has a “pattern of hostile and intimidating behavior” that resulted in him being barred from having a legislative assistant, and was also restricted from having a sponsored legislative office for one year.
News Tribune Article: Q13 FOX News: News Tribune LTE: Key Peninsula News:
Here's how multiple former staffers characterized our State Representative: “unglued” “outright mean” “screaming fits” “meltdowns” “we called them weekly staff ‘beatings’” Young could have resolved these restrictions by undergoing anger management training, but there is no evidence that he has done this. In fact, he has denied having anger issues.
If Jesse Young doesn’t have respect and compassion for his own staff – many of them volunteers – how does he feel about his constituents?
An effective leader needs to exude confidence and strength. Of course, they should expect the staff to be competent and enthusiastic. Meltdowns and screaming fits are not signs of strength or strong leadership. They are, in fact, the polar opposite. The 26th LD Democrats believe leaders should generate inspiration, not degradation.
Jesse Young's Record:  Jesse Young represents the most extreme aspects of the far right. He does not represent the values of our community in the 26th Legislative District!
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