Jesse Young – Questionable Work Ethic

Work ethic. Jesse Young doesn’t seem to understand the definition of either of those words. Let’s look at the work: In 2019 he missed 67 votes. A majority of the votes he missed concerned matters of public safety Would your boss let you ignore 67 assignments? 
He skipped out on votes concerning: 
  • Prevention of Child Sex Trafficking 
  • Pesticide Safety 
  • Wildfire Prevention 
  • Water Quality Protections
  • Plus over 60 other pieces of important legislation 
Reminder - WE are Jesse’s boss. Jesse Young's "Pet Bills" His work product looks even thinner when we shine a light on the pet bills he introduced. In four years, he has introduced 100 bills, but only three have been signed into law.
He consistently “recycles” his own previously rejected bills. Many have been submitted three times!
These re-run proposals include abolishing the estate tax (only affects multi-multi-millionaires), banning UN recommendations regarding sustainability, and his cherished “zipper-merge” bill Jesse Young's "Hero Bills" He also habitually introduces “Hero Bills” -- bills designed only to cater to donors or special interest groups, with no chance of passing, often due to missed deadlines, or other rule infractions.  What is the 26th LD paying him for? Arguably his absence and failure rate is for the greater good – Jesse’s votes are extreme and often truly fringe. We are certainly safer and better off without his repeat loser bills and his extreme votes.  However, it does beg the question -- what is the 26th LD paying him for? Our community needs a Representative who will show up, work hard, and keep us safe!
Jesse Young's Record:  Jesse Young represents the most extreme aspects of the far right. He does not represent the values of our community in the 26th Legislative District!
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