Rep. Jesse Young – Ties to Fringe Militia Group 3%ers

Jesse Young supports the 3 Percenters*, an extreme right-wing organization, designated an “anti-government group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

They are closely aligned with the “Oathkeepers”, and have been called one of the most dangerous extremist groups in Canada.

Formed in reaction to the election of Barack Obama, they use intimidation and bullying tactics to stoke fear and pit citizens against one another in order to thwart sensible gun legislation.

This heavily armed group provided security for the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” march.

Jesse Young is not the right fit for the 26th LD. Our community deserves a representative who will not be conjuring fear and violence.

Rep. Jesse Young, armed men, show up at peaceful BLM protest in Gig Harbor...They weren't with me, he says

Democrats in the 26th LD deeply respect and support our professional Law Enforcement community, and we certainly don’t need a fringe militia threatening our peace or our young people. We need leaders who promote peace and safety!

*The 3 Percenters (3%ers or III %ers) name is based on an erroneous myth that only three percent of Colonists participated in the American Revolution.

Jesse Young's Record:

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