For Jesse Young – Some Constituents Are More Equal Than Others

Jesse Young claims that he wants to protect all his constituents, but he has no interest in standing up for his LGBTQI community. He has habitually voted against even the most basic protections, perhaps most egregiously in his vote against banning Conversion Therapy for minors.

At a time when Donald Trump and the Conservatives on the US Supreme Court are putting Marriage Equality and other hard-won civil rights in their crosshairs, we should be deeply alarmed at any attempts to weaken Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, and Queer rights and protections.

Jesse Young supported Conversion Therapy for minors!

This is an abhorrent, cruel, unwarranted, and worthless practice which inherently categorizes sexual and gender identity issues as something that needs to be “cured”. It is considered to be torture. (SB5870 2015)

Jesse has often voted to weaken LGBTQ Civil Rights

AGAINST forming a commission to focus on LGBTQ issues. (SB5356-2019)

AGAINST forming a Hate Crime Advisory Group to raise awareness and strategies to reduce hate crimes, including gender-based hate motives. (SB1732-2019)

AGAINST a Hate Crime Bill that concerns defenses and liabilities with regard to assault and other crimes based on gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual identity. (HB1687)

AGAINST creating the position of a LGBTQ within the Washington Department of Veteran’s Affairs. (HB 5900-2020)

 As Donald Trump has sought to undermine the service and benefits of our brave LGBTQ military members, veterans, and their families, Jesse has echoed Trump’s worst instincts on this issue.


Jesse Young's Record:

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