Jesse Young is an Extremist

Jesse Young is an extremist. He is cheating us out of representation in Olympia, siding with a tiny handful of “you’re on your own” outliers who vote in opposition to even their own Republican party colleagues. In some cases, he was the sole dissenting vote! He just does not seem to be able to work well with others and shows loyalty to no one, except perhaps accused domestic terrorist, Matt Shea. This has consequences. Even though he has seniority in the legislature, he has not been selected for any position of leadership, leaving the 26th LD without a strong voice in the House Legislature.

Jesse’s fringe views are not helping us build a stronger community, one that works for us all. Democrats are willing to work together with Republicans in a spirit of patriotism and genuine love for the community. We don’t need a divisive legislator who cannot even agree with his own party.

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